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November 04, 2008 master seni 0 Comments

Thing which usually overcome is one of weapon which will be applied the participant candidates UMFSRD ITB that is pencil, cusorily trifled but if wrong applies it hence will become counterattack for you. For the purpose we will give explanation theoretically meaning of pencil for Ujian Senirupa ITB.

First thing of which you must know is types of pencil, now you must look for a shop selling pinsil to start from F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, to 12 B. If you livinged in Bandung City, hence you can try looks for it in area Balubur over there is provided all peripheral to the students especially fine arts student ITB.

For you livinging outside Bandung hence your duty are look for types of pencil, you can ask the matter.

Following Detail of usage of technique pinsil to draw you when fine arts test ITB:

1. Applies Pencil F,B,2B for in sketch paper ( rough paper A4)

2. Applies pencil 2B to fulfill area or picture area in fact ( paper A3) its(the core your time only 5 minute to make initial sketch or picture at your test paper area.

3. Applies pencil 3B to give in detail the main figures depressed strong, picture object edge line strength of the main figures of you. ( 10 minutes)

4. Still Using pencil 3B to clarify the the role of assistants at your picture(10 minutes)

5. Still using pencil 3B to clarify the characterizations of supporter at your picture and reasoning of story objects ( 10 minutes).

6. Applies pencil 4B,5B, until 6B to give thickness at the main figure objects at your picture. ( 10 minutes)

7. Applies pencil 3B until 4B to give thickness of colour at picture object the role of assistant, the role of supporter, and reasoning of object like building, house, cars, wagon, etc.(10 minute)

8. Applies pencil 3B to reexamine if some'x is overcome,like clothes motif, hat, hand watch, kupluk, shoes, sandals, bags, iceman, and addition - other addition of your picture pad. ( 20 minutes)

9. Rest of time 25 minutes applied for details and adds which imprudent doesn't apply Iiquidator or ruler.

10. and this be awaited - bes awaiting to finish your picture. You now leavs at the post bell to say.

Keep Study and Gooood Luck ! ....

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